High Density Call Center

95 workstations were configured for this high density call center located in Chico, CA. 

When the customer reached out to us they were looking for a solution for their customer service department. The company had outgrown their current work stations. They had about eight tables in the room with six people at each table and just enough space for two task chairs between them. The employees spend most of their time on the phone, and with no dividers the room was loud and lacked personal desk space.


The goal was to create a better work environment for the employee, reduce noise, and create an open environment to help fuel creativity and still provide some personal space. We used AIS Matrix to create defined workstations and AIS tack-able acoustic tiles for noise reduction. We used a 50 inch high panel to keep an open feel, which is  tall enough that when people are seated they have some privacy, but short enough that when you are standing you can see across the whole building. 


 We are happy to say, the noise reduction has been dramatically improved and all customer service people can be on the phone at the same time in a normal voice and it sounds like a library. It feels very open and the customer and his employees are very happy with the space!

Check out our drawing and 3D rendering of the project as well as the progress photos below!