Esplanade Office has all of your office furniture, space planning, interior design, installation, relocation and reconfigure needs covered. Our diverse product offering combined with professional services will ensure your office furniture project is successful.
Space Planning
Effective space planning starts with both 2D and 3D renderings of your office space. By using floor plans from architects and/ or field measurement, we can recreate your space using computer-aided design (CAD) to find the best possible use of your space.

Interior Design
Effective interior design emphasizes functional design, effective use of space, and lastly desired aesthetic to bring your office space to life. We work closely with you to understand your business which helps us select the overall palette of textures and colors that will enhance your overall environment.

We have championed our own sustainability program that encompasses our entire business process and your project.  We actively track waste diversion and can recommend products that have higher levels of recycled content and meet your projects LEED requirements.

We are a full service contract office furniture dealer with our own professional installation crews.  We can and have successfully facilitated jobs from a single desk to multi-floor buildings.  Our installation team will work efficiently to handle all phases of the installation we are contracted to perform.  If your job requires specific access times, challenging or remote locations, custom built or designed furniture, our team is ready for the challenge.
Reconfigure/ Redesign
We can help reconfigure or redesign your existing office.  Our project managers are skilled at helping you maximize space or change the look of your office while utilizing existing furniture.   If you don't have quite everything you need, we can also show how your current furniture can be incorporated with new products.