Esplanade Office has a tradition of forward thinking approaches to sustainability. From recycling, repurposing and recommending products with higher levels of recycled content, we strive to look at all sides of our business to reduce landfilled waste. Our goal with sustainability is to provide the very best in products and service to our customers while minimizing the waste we generate.

For recycling, we evaluate this primarily by; waste generated from doing business as well as influencing our upstream suppliers to reduce packaging before it ever reaches our warehouse. In the beginning we focused primarily on cardboard and ensuring that corrugate was recycled. Starting mid 2013, Esplanade Office has partnered with several reprocessors/ recyclers to allow for greater waste reduction. We actively separate and eliminate all Office Paper, Cardboard, Styrofoam (EPS), Flexible Plastic Packaging (HDPE, LDPE, and Shrink-wrap), Steel, Aluminum and Solid Wood Waste from our trash destined for landfill.

Repurposing is a relatively new term for an old idea. Esplanade Office, whenever possible, donates or makes available to the public unwanted and unused office furniture. Frequently our jobs leave us with old desks, chairs or cubicle systems. We will either donate these items to a non-profit or list them on craigslist.

Does your next project call for LEED credits or have targeted goals for a certain level of Post-Consumer/ Industrial Recycled Content in products? Our seasoned project managers can assist in recommending products that fill these unique criteria.