Esplanade Office is a full-service contract office furniture dealer with our own professional installation crews. We successfully facilitate every job, from a single desk to multi-floor buildings. Our installation team always works efficiently to handle all phases of the installation we are contracted to perform. If your job requires specific access times, challenging or remote locations, custom built or designed furniture, our team is ready for the challenge.

We coordinate with any other contractors and trades throughout your project to make the installation process as smooth as possible. Furniture is always delivered to Esplanade Office first, and all quality inspections and any prep work needed is done in our warehouse. On the day of your install, our installers will load everything into our trucks and drive it to the location to unload and install. We always remove all the packing materials to recycle as much as possible (cardboard, Styrofoam, etc.), haul out any trash, and clean all surfaces of the furniture completely. We even vacuum on our way out to ensure we leave the space clean and presentable.