Space Planning

Space planning is essential for any sized project. At Esplanade Office we draw a plan for nearly every job in our CAD based software. Our complex 3D renderings, along with our simpler 2D designs will help you visualize how furniture will best fit in your space and what everything will look like at the end of your project. This information will also be invaluable for future reference if you find yourself expanding, reconfiguring, or relocating. Give one of our talented project managers a call at (530) 891-4221 to get started on your project today or send us an email by visiting our contact page.

How It Works

  • We meet with you to discuss your needs and timeline.
  • A project manager measures your space and puts the information into CAD.
  • One to two designs are drawn up for initial approval.
  • We do a design review with you and redesign any necessary components.
  • An initial budget or quotation is created.
  • Our interior designer will help select finishes and fabrics, if necessary.
  • We coordinate with any other contractors to make the installation process as smooth as possible.
  • Our professional installers will construct your new office space and complete your project.